May 27, 2022

About Us


Our Mission

To help alleviate hunger, illiteracy, violence, delinquency, addictions and discrimination; by providing programs that empower individuals and families to make the best-informed choices.

Our Story

Since 2015 Darlene has worked closely with immigrants. Being with them during the birth of their children, advocating with them at hospitals, doctor offices, employment opportunities, housing, food, clothing and legal needs. From this work came the vision for Hope In a Storm.

Meet the Team

Darlene Fitkin

Darlene Fitkin

Founder & Executive Director


Founder and Executive Director received her Master Social Work, Trauma Informed Specialist, from University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Researching on immigrant resettlement and inclusion and doing an Empirical Research, “Experience Immigrants Have in Waterloo”, gave her a passion for the many trials immigrants face when coming to America.

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