May 27, 2022


Hope In a Storm(HIS) is a non profit organization incorporated in the state of Iowa. The organization’s primary goal is to empower immigrants as they are emerging into a new life in the community.

Community Building

The organization’s major programs are health, housing, illiteracy, language barriers and community building. Community building reflects the spectrum of advocacy through community education, institutional advocacy, collaboration, technical assistance, and community-driven strategies. By building a collaborative community and network of support, HIS helps break barriers in language, health and housing to create a community response towards cultural inclusion.


Language and cultural barriers

HIS provides cultural and language competent services in the English language. All HIS officers have a responsibility to evolve our cultures to create an inclusive community.


Housing is a very important part of resettling and feeling safe. The environment of the neighborhood as well as the apartment or home itself effects every aspect of the individual and the family. Immigrants many times do not understand how to  address problems in their home environment. Based on research done in 2017-2018 “Immigrants Experience with Housing in Waterloo” there were three main issues that were apparent: Language Barrier, Environment and Institutional Barriers

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